Change Ubuntu login sound without any softwares

Every one can change the Ubuntu login sound without any softwares. Do the following steps you can change Ubuntu login sound.

Initial create your own .ogg file or download you want to give your login sound. Prepare a sound (must .ogg) to make this file your new login sound.

Step 1 : Open terminal Application -> Accessories -> Terminal.

Step 2 : Then type
                                  gksudo nautilus

Step 3 : And enter your password. Now nautilus file browser will open.

Step 4 : Go to "File System" and open usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo

Step 5 : From the folder stereo find the file named "desktop-login.ogg". This file is default login sound.

Step 6 : Now create a backup of your default sound. Cut this file (desktop-login.ogg) and paste it into a safe place. You do not need this file you can delete this.

Step 7 : Copy your new sound file and paste it into the folder "stereo". And rename it to "desktop-login". Now your login sound is changed.

Then restart your system you can feel the difference.