Increase Computer Speed

You can increase your computer speed in following steps.

Method 1 :
1. Erase your temporary files. Go to Start > Run, type %temp%, and a new window will open. Delete all the files in this folder. This folder has temporary files which are safe to delete and will leave you extra space and also clear out infections (virus, Trojan, Worms), if any that breed in it.
2. Use the application Disk Clean Up. Go to Start > All Programs > Acessories > System Tools > Disk Clean Up. This application will compress system files and delete unwanted temporary Internet files. You can follow this step on all the drives.

Method 2 :

1. Defragment the drive which has your operating on it. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Systme Tools > Disk Defragmenter. A new window will open showing your drives. Choose the drive that you would like to defragment. I suggest that first choose the OS drive and click on defragment button below. It will take a little time to finish. You can perform defragmenting on other drives as well. Read more on how to defrag a computer.
2. One way to speed up your computer is to turn off the System Restore on all the drives. System Restore takes up a lot of your physical memory, thus, slowing down the computer. To turn it off, right click on My Computer > Properties, click on the system restore tab and check the box where it says to turn off the system restore function. You can choose to turn off System Restore manually by choosing the drive that you want.

Method 3 :
1. You can increase the speed of your computer when it is starting. Here is how you can do that. Go to Start > Run and type msconfig. A window will open where you will click on the Startup tab. Uncheck the programs that are not needed while start up or that can be started manually as and when required. Leave the boxes of Anti-Virus or necessary programs checked and press the button Apply below. Get more information about ways to speed up your computer. In the same window, choose the tab Services. Just above OK, there is an option that says 'Hide all Microsoft Services', check it. This will ensure that you don't uncheck necessary windows programs accidentally. Look at the options and uncheck any program that you think is not necessary to start on windows startup. Click on Apply and then OK. A message box will ask you to restart the computer so it can make the changes; you can choose to restart the computer later also. The programs unchecked will take effect on next boot up.
2. Sometimes, a computer slows down because of faulty applications, their workings, or if they are not deleted properly. If you want to know how to clean up a computer, then follow this step. Download programs that will clean your registry like Registry Cleaner, and CCleaner, TuneUp Utilites 2010. These programs will help you clean your registry. Some of the above mentioned programs have the ability to defragment Registry which will further increase the speed of the computer. Read more about windows registry.